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   This website is dedicated to the promotion of the Bible, the Apocrypha and giving the Keys (Language) of the Kindom back to the church. There are a great many references to apocryphal books throughout the Old and New Testaments. The only thing that really separates me from the average Christian is my willingness to side with those who wrote the Bible against those who discount their words. If Jude calls Enoch the Seventh from Adam, that means he believes the book is

Pre-Flood in origin. Scholars and Theologians, however, tend to disagree, thereby taking a position which is at variance with Jude's. James 4:5 quotes a passage outside of the New Testament AS SCRIPTURE to his readers. This means that James held books outside of the Old Testament as Scripture. Scholars and Theologians, however, tend to discount his testimony. Paul borrows the famous "Armor of God" illustration of Ephesians 6 from the Apocryphal Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 5. There are dozens more. The point is, it clearly shows the NT writers did not believe as the Church does about these books. I have merely acknowledged these facts, whereas Traditional Christianity avoids them....

Book of Enoch 07 - Judgment Day, King of Saints Tabernacle
      With Robert Ferrell... March 20th 2024
     This Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

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Unlocking the Scriptures - Second Peter & Jude Part 2 Understanding the higher level of the scriptures and seeing what you never seen before.Finish the series with Part 3. Click here.
    Taking this principle as my cue, I have compiled a GOSPEL HARMONY based not only the Canonical Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, but from dozens of Apocryphal books as well called the SUPER GOSPEL.Here, in the scope of one book, you can read all the available traditions about Jesus in a single, readable text. The lines are deliberately blurred between what is canonical and what is not in order to drive home the fact that the differences are not really obvious between these two sets of documents, and the difficulties between the 80+ sources that went into it are of no greater extent than those that already exist between the four. The original title for this book was supposed to be Living Jesus, Living Legend, but I didn't wish to imply that some of this is merely legend. Incidentally, when I say it the "Super Gospel" I only mean it is the Gospel in its greater, or broader context. I have also CAPTIONED the entire book so that anyone in any language throughout the world can read it!

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     Just a little introduction to what is available on my YouTube channel, as well as a little background information as to how all of these things came about. I believe that God has shown me some things which I am not ordinarily forward to present, but after almost 6 years of being on YouTube and 1,600 videos later probably bears some explanation. Things happened to me in my life that caused me to believe as I do, and I hope this video sheds a little more light on them.
Three Examples below: Parables explained from the Lost Gospel of Thomas.
(1)Gospel of Thomas - Sayings 1 thru 8 (2) Gospel of Thomas - Sayings 9 thru 20
(3) Gospel of Thomas - Unveiled with Keywords of understanding.
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Guide book    Must See..!! Learn How To Understand Parables from the Guidebook For The Elect... One of six treatises I wrote the winter of 1997-1998. This one combines the letters of Second Peter and Jude. Biblical scholars have long held that Second Peter waters down Judes usage of apocryphal books by not quoting them as explicitly. I, however, attempt to demonstrate that far from trying to restrain Judes usage of these documents, Peter actually ensures that we will one day realize just what we have forgotten about our original Christian heritage--the mystery of these lost books, which was passed down from Jesus himself, to the early church through his apostles. 4:07 hours long, is a big file. 452 MB download. FREE .MP3... CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK IMAGE OR HERE... SAVE TARGET AS OR LINK AS... TO GET YOUR FREE .MP3 DOWNLOAD TODAY!        OR HERE FOR A YOUTUBE VIDEO!             For a Free .PDF click here..!!
    FREE .MP3... The Life of Adam and Eve, also known, in its Greek version, as the Apocalypse of Moses, is a Jewish pseudepigraphical group of writings. It recounts thelives of Adam and Eve from after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden to their deaths. It provides more detail about the Fall of Man, including Eve's version of the story. Satan explains that he rebelled when God commanded him to bow down to Adam. After Adam dies, he and all his descendants are promised a resurrection. The ancient versions of the Life of Adam and Eve are: the Greek Apocalypse of Moses, the Latin Life of Adam and Eve, the Slavonic Life of Adam and Eve, the Armenian Penitence of Adam, the Georgian Book of Adam, and one or two fragmentary Coptic versions. These texts are usually named as Primary Adam Literature to distinguish them from subsequent related texts, such as the Cave of Treasures that includes what appears to be extracts. They differ greatly in length and wording, but for the most part are derived from a single source that has not survived,:251 and contain (except for some obvious insertions) no undeniably Christian teaching. Each version contains some unique material, as well as variations and omissions. While the versions were composed from the early third to the fifth century,:252 the literary units in the work are considered to be older and predominantly of Jewish origin. There is wide agreement that the original was composed in a Semitic language:251 in the 1st century AD/CE. Video length 41:27 minutes with 75.9 MB download... >CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK IMAGE OR HERE... SAVE TARGET AS OR LINK AS... TO GET YOUR FREE .MP3 DOWNLOAD TODAY

Book of Enoch    FREE .MP3 or PDF... The Book of Enoch, written during the second century B.C.E., is one of the most important non-canonical apocryphal works, and probably had a huge influence on early Christian, particularly Gnostic, beliefs. Filled with hallucinatory visions of heaven and hell, angels and devils, Enoch introduced concepts such as fallen angels, the appearance of a Messiah, Resurrection, a Final Judgement, and a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. Interspersed with this material are quasi-scientific digressions on calendrical systems, geography, cosmology, astronomy, and meteorology. The Book of Enoch was considered as scripture in the Epistle of Barnabas (4:3) and by many of the early Church Fathers, such as Athenagoras, Clement of Alexander, Irenaeus and Tertullian, who wrote that the Book of Enoch had been rejected by the Jews because it contained prophies pertaining to Christ.
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