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 THE SIN IN THE GARDEN By Robert Ferrell

The Sin In The Garden

Remark by a YouTube user: I feel that I understand exactly the sin the gardan, is the key to all the knowledge. Once you understand the sin in the garden was Sex with Satan, just as the fallen Angels did to dirty the bloodlines from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Jesus Cord to Cord. Satan is trying to be Jesus. Cain and his children the blood children of Satan the Kenites. Cain is not in Adam family history, as he is not the father, Satan was!

Reply from Robert Ferrell: Adam & Eve serve as an allegory, as do Cain & Abel. Adam, parabolically speaking anyway, functions as a type, and can be compared with the "Man," or the "Husband." Eve can be compared with the "Woman," or the "Wife." Paul uses the terms "Man" & "Woman," as well as "Husband" & "Wife" to represent leadership & laity respectively; also "Christ & the Church." Cain was "of the Evil One," as it states in 1st John 3:12, & thus was the "firstborn of Satan," as was Judas, connecting the 2 thematically.

Judas serves as a type of both the so-called Jews & early Christians who opposed the teachings of Jesus for their own selfish reasons. By feigning affection for Jesus, as Cain feigned affection for God by bringing Him an offering of sorts, but not as Abel had done, who represents those who knew what kind of sacrifice would please God. Abel is like those in the early Church who knew the truth, but were killed by those who wished to do things their own way, as Cain; & for their own gain, as Judas.

Seth represents Abel's replacement. As those who knew the truth in the early Church were killed off by the "False Apostles" & the "Synagogue of Satan" as spoken of in Revelation & elsewhere, there was a promise of a second Child to replace the first. The Children are the Elect. Abel is thus those of the "early rain," & Seth, those of the "latter rain." Thus the Elect of our day are in effect "Sethians." Cain received a mark, like those who followed in his footsteps receive the mark of the Beast.

The mark in the forehead is the thinking & knowledge of the "Kenites." They know who they are & that they are doomed.... The mark in their hand is their deeds, which will be recognized in due time--basically after the fact. We don't see it so much except in retrospect, on that day, the true Sabbath, the 7th millennium which we are now in, when all these things are to be revealed. Things are about to get interesting methinks.... Feb, 2013

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