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 THE END TIMES - SIGN OF JONAH - By Robert Ferrell

End Times - Sign Of Jonah

What is the third Testament (SWORD)?

This is the sign of Jonah. Jesus, the Word, or Logos of God, lies in the metaphorical "belly" of the "great fish," which is the Church of course, & eventually emerges on the third (spiritual) day (or after 2,000 years) to preach to Ninevah, which is also a 3-day journey across, so it is this same age metaphorically. In other words, it is us, and therefore we (eventually) repent at the teaching of Jonah, and God decides not to punish us. That's some pretty good news I'd say.

Luke 22:38 reads: "And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough." It means that 2 testaments will suffice for them until Jesus' return, at which point another sword, or testament, comes out of his mouth, meaning that contained within those 2 swords another sword emerges, making 3 swords, or testaments.

Thomas' Gospel, once properly understood gives us the power to overturn the concept of the canon & replace it with the understanding of the "keys," (v.39.)

This is why the "end" is at the "beginning." Why should it take 2,000 years for the Church to actually accept what the Biblical Authors accepted? And just to demonstrate that it happened before, God has given these keys back to us to restore the Church to its original teaching, which they will refuse to do, since Peter (the Church) has one more denial left, when he is confronted by the fact that he speaks with a Galilean "accent," which is a cryptic reference to the Bible's secret language....

Jude quotes Enoch as inspired, but the Church threw it out anyway.... Peter quotes the Story of Akikar 7:27 in 2 Pt.2:22, but we don't accept his testimony. Paul alludes to the Life of Adam & Eve several times in 2 Corinthians, but you won't find any Church agreeing with Paul here. He also patterned the Armor of God analogy in Eph.6 from the Wisdom of Solomon ch. 5, but Protestants ignored this fact, though they knew it. It's all about the return to the beginning, or the original teachings....

If we understand who Jesus is from what he says to us, we drink the water of the Word directly from his mouth, if you will; without a cup or container, or "canon" in other words. This means that we know who he is from what he says to us. Any book which uses the same "keys" as the New Testament does is therefore inspired. We no longer have to take men's word for what is or is not inspired, because we, having recovered the "keys of knowledge" (v.39, Lk. 11:52) have the ability to see for ourselves.

By Robert Ferrell

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