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Bible History and it's language
    Shawn Mc... First of all I like to Thank My God & Lord for allowing me to see the work & Gift Robert has manifested for us and future generations. Jesus Is pouring out his spirit today even as I speak. For I am a testimony and a Witness to the wine that is being saved for last. I profess on my very soul the knowledge contained therein is precious and is meat indeed. It is drink indeed. Robert is like the man walking near a river handing out life jackets as was I drowning in the "water". The work God allowed him to do, his Gift saved my life. I physically had an " Epiphany " A Pauline Moment; listening to the The Peter principle and the keys to the Kingdom. I want to lift up Jude and extort you with all diligence to pray for wisdom and understanding. Do not deny the molding that comes, If your not there yet. Keep Plugging,You have to keep thinking about the knowledge therein If for nothing else for the sake of Truth.
From Sherri - Thank you so much for your desire to provide a place where all who are thirsty for God's word can freely access them. I am still astounded to see what great things can come about when people humbly cooperate with the Almighty. Indeed, God has blessed me, and I think will continue to do so through your website. I appreciate the countless hours you have put into this. I can't fathom the time and dedication you must have given to this. Keep up the excellent work. I definitely can say I wouldn't have read near as many books today, if it wasn't for this website. It has been an immense blessing. I'm very grateful. You have added wealth to my world and raised my level of understanding. I believe making these scriptures a part of our thinking can help our understanding and positively influence the lives of others with authority and power. May God continue to bless you and all who are involved in your ministry here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    UserName-Jerimiah10... I found this channel because you were nice enough to post readings of the "wisdom of Solomon", and I was astonished? by it. I would like to get your book, I will buy it gladly. I like a christian who will work for wisdom and has no problem trusting God to help him. I had only read some Macabees and Enoch before, but you have inspired me to take a closer look at more. I cant wait to examine your collation of the parabolic links also. I have understood for years? that Jesus was giving the cypher in his parables, but never thought to extend that study into apocrphal books. Leave it to God to find an athiest who isn't tied to his own superstion and stiff neck to begin blazing a last day path to Gods word. I look forward to friendship, fellowship and discovery with you. God bless you.
    UserName-ashersla41... I came across this channel while I was looking for the Book of Enoch, and happen to listen to some of the supergospel. Then I found myself coming back for more.? I too believe that there is so much more to God Word, and that it's the LORD himself, or His Spirit that lead me to you. The more I listen, the more I understand how His truth comes to those who seek, knock, or ask to know Him better! I started reading the books of the Aprocrypha about a year ago along with the Bible and have not look back sense! It is so full of truths that I didnot know exited. Thank you for adding to the knowledge of our LORD and may He bless you in your work and give you more insight! I have been blessed by this and will shared it with all!!...thanks again!

Robert Ferrell

    UserName-megadethmonk... I just wanted to let you know that I've been interested in the apocrypha (especially Enoch), but simply haven't spent the time to read them. I would like to know which ones I should start with. I am not at traditionalist, and actually don't go to a church simply for the many reasons you have stated; being around very close minded and traditional individuals and i feel like they are just preaching to the choir-if you believe, you believe, you don't have to convince anymore. The point is, about your notion of the church being perverted in the earlier time, all the way up to today, then wouldn't it stand to reason that some of the Apocrypha would be a product of that perverision? Not all, like not the very early one's, but especially the later ones, like? the infancy books. Since I haven't read them and you have, I would like to know which of the earliest ones are most relevant to Christ's teachings and the teachings of the apostles. Maybe you can enlighten me!
    UserName-generalzard1940 ... Yes, your research is good. Some of it I knew before I met you on the web. You are nitpicky, tediously going through the material. I agree, that is necessary for the person that is just now waking up. I need for you to move on. Get to some conclusions SOON. With your delivery manner, you are either trying to convert me, or looking for validation. WHAT ARE YOUR CONCLUSIONS ? I don't think you realize it; but, you are moving? toward Cosmicism and Determinism and Panpsychism. I'm already there. You have established that 'something' has a Great Plan. For that alone, I award to you, a Blue Ribbon. It is not Jesus Christ of Nazareth that is coming to save you from the Dark Forces. That entity is only a symbol. THE KINGDOM IS WITHIN YOU ! NeverTheLess, keep doing what you are doing. Perhaps, I need to learn the patience to suffer through the long winded verbosity. For your next video, make it an accumulation of your conclusions, thirty minutes or less.
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