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By Rick Simpson

This True Story:
  is for those who are not sure if God even knows who they are or if they exist.

     Back in the early 80's I (Rick S.) was a young man around 20 years old. I partied and played like most young men, but I always believed in God. One day I was at the house and I prayed a simple prayer. And this was how it went:
     Lord, it is obvious that there has to be a God, but with all these millions of people, do you even know that I exist?
     That is pretty much how the prayer went. So about 3 to 5 minutes went by doing whatever. I get a knock at the door. I opened the door and there was a man dressed in a nice looking black suite. I thought it was one of those Jehovah witnesses. And the man said Jesus loves you. I said ok thanks. Then he said it again, Jesus loves you. And again I said thank you while I was starting to look down at his hands to see if he was going to hand me some kind of Jehovah witness card. He had nothing in his hands. And he repeated it again, Jesus loves you and again I said thanks. He turned around to leave so I shut the door and took about 3 steps and remember what I had just prayed. So I opened the door to find that man. (Note: I lived at the end of a dead end street so he could not have gone far.) I looked up the street he wasn't there. The railroad tracks were at the end of the street so I went looking for him on the tracks and he was not there either. Within three seconds of the door being shut this man was gone. I will always remember that day.
     God answered that prayer.
     God did this for me. I know He will do something special for you. Jesus loves you.
By RickSimpson

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Animation Created By Rick Simpson Inspired By A Drawing I Did Back In 1997
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