Scriptural - Truth with Robert Ferrel
Bible History and it's language
    Just an ordinary, easygoing, average-type guy from the suburbs. I have always been something of an idealist, even back when I didn't believe in God. I felt that if there was no God, then human potential was being held back an outmoded idea. I therefore looked upon religious folk and agnostics as rather simple and foolish and backward. But then I started having things happen to me that I couldn't explain; things that were too coincidental to explain if there was nothing but chance in a material realm. I started to wonder if coincidence after coincidence was happening to me in order to show me something beyond what I believed. I struggled against it for years, but things would happen and leave me guessing. Finally, as I began watching television ministries to bolster my arguments against Christianity,Ancient scroll I felt something change in me; open up, if you will. Everything fell into place for me, and I realized that it all said something deep and personal to me, and that God had been there the whole time, and that He knew that I would come around, and so in His patience He allowed me to work through all of my questions and doubts until He finally got through. I acknowledged Him as God, and began to study the Bible with this Baptist Minister who 'just happened' to be working with me at the time. He told me all about how to bow the knee of my heart to Jesus, and I finally recited the 'sinner's prayer.' At first I could not do it. My tongue was frozen. His wife was praying and interceding for me, but all at once, through God's will and her intercession, my tongue was loosed, and I was able to speak it. And let me tell you, I was NOT the same person after that. I really HAD been born again.
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