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Why Did The Lord Allow Satan To Kill Naive Sarah - By Robert Ferrell

A YouTube User Asked (Robert Ferrell) This Question.

Why did the Lord allow Satan to kill naive Sarah? Did she do something wrong? or SAY something wrong kinda harsh no? Well for the dad and kid but her she went out with joy but I don't see the whole picture here.

Question Answered By Robert Ferrell.

The various rods, or canons are tested "overnight," which is the 2,000 years. When the Rod, or Canon is dug up from the ground the next morning (the Millennium,) after having been bound up with the others (i.e. other canons,) it is chosen because it has fruit on it. The fruit is the fulfillment of all the prophecies contained within the Scriptures finally come to pass, able to be understood at last. So the 2nd Testament is barren, just as Sarah was, but the Holy Spirit does bear in her old age.

We shall also be given power over the nations to rule them with a rod of iron. The term "Canon" is the same term used for reed, or rod. The reed that was like unto a rod was used to measure this city, but that court which was without is not measured because it is not subject to the canon. That second symbolic item, which was Aaron's rod, had to do with the Christian canon. Aaron, the Levitical high priest, is also a type of Jesus, who is our true high priest....

Jesus promises those of us that overcome that 3rd symbolic item in the ark of the covenant--the hidden manna, or Hidden Scriptures; to be made a pillar (John, who's being held back by Jesus until his 2nd coming,) just as the Jews (James) & Christians (Peter); to be given a new white stone (The one that was rejected, which is to become the cornerstone, or the third & final testament,) that "Morning Star" that arises in our hearts, & bunch of others that have to do with our new identity in Christ. This news was too wonderful for her flesh to accept after having been through the despair of thinking he was dead, so it failed her, even as our flesh was not able to accommodate such a great and surpassing truth. Someday soon we will see it, and we will experience the joy of the resurrection of the Logos. Then that heavenly New Jerusalem will descend, the Elect, or the sons of John will join James & Peter, the Jews & Christians as that "third Pillar."

That Sarah, or the covenant of Grace, that Jerusalem that is above had to die for joy is kind of indicating to us that what that Grace has to offer us is too joyful & too wonderful for us to accept. That Grace was quenched by our tendency to see that which is "below," or in other words in the flesh. It is glory to see Jesus able to still the winds & the waves. It is his surpassing glory that allows us to Jesus also as the Logos stilling the infiltrators (waves) and false doctrines (winds.) Why did the Lord allow Satan to kill naive Sarah?

Why did the Lord allow Satan to kill naive Sarah?
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