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The Agrapha, The Scattered Words Of Jesus (Comparable to the Gospel of Thomas)

Jesus said: I am he concerning 
whom Moses prophesied, saying, 
“A prophet shall the Lord our 
God raise unto you of your 
brethren, like unto me: Hear him 
in all things; and whosoever will 
not hear that prophet shall die.”...

… “The Lord 
said: I come to 
gather all nations 
and tongues.”

Jesus said, “I am the 
gate of life; he who 
entereth through 
me, entereth into 

Jesus said, “I am not come to send 
peace on earth, but a sword; and 
henceforth ye shall see father separated 
from son, son from father, husband 
from wife, and wife from husband, 
mother from daughter, and daughter 
from mother, brother from brother, 
father-in-law from daughter-in-law, 
friend from friend.”

Jesus said, “I came to 
put an end to sacrifice, 
and unless ye cease from 
sacrificing, anger will 
not cease from you.”

Jesus said, “Except ye fast 
to the world, ye shall in no 
wise find the kingdom of 
God; and except ye keep 
the Sabbath as a Sabbath, 
ye shall not see the Father.”

 “On the same day, having seen 
one working on the Sabbath, he 
said to him: O man, if indeed 
thou knowest what thou doest, 
thou art blessed; but if thou 
knowest not, thou art cursed, and 
art a transgressor of the law.”

Jesus said, “How long shall I 
be with you and speak with 
you? I am weary of this 
generation. They proved me, 
He said, ten times, but these, 
twenty times, and ten times 

Jesus said, “I stood in the midst of 
the world, and in the flesh was I 
seen of them; and I found all men 
drunken, and none found I athirst 
among them; and my soul 
grieveth over the sons of men, 
because they are blind in their 

Jesus said, “Excepting a 
very few saints and 
illustrious ones, men 
have thought to atone for 
their crimes with a few 
pieces of money.”

Jesus said, “Thou 
hearest with one 
ear, but the other 
thou hast closed.”

Jesus said, “He who 
is near me is near 
the fire; but he who 
is far from me is far 
from the kingdom.”

 Jesus said, 
“They who are 
with me have not 
understood me.”

 Jesus said, “Even though ye were 
gathered together with me in my 
very bosom, yet if ye were not to 
keep my commandments, I would 
cast you off, and say unto you, 
“Depart from me; I know you not 
whence ye are, ye workers of 

 Jesus said, “But ye 
seek to increase 
from little, and from 
greater to be less.

Jesus said to the 
apostles: I have 
chosen you before 
the world was 

Jesus said: 
“There shall be 
with me, also, my 
twelve servants.”

 Jesus said, “I will select 
to myself these things. 
Very, very excellent are 
those whom my Father 
who is in heaven hath 
given me.”

 Jesus said, “Ye have 
dismissed the living, 
who was before you, 
and talk of the 

Jesus said, “

Ye shall be called by 
my name, and ye shall 
be the temple of my 

Jesus said, “Blessed 
is the man whom his 
Lord shall appoint 
to the ministry of his 

Jesus said, “What ye 
preach in word to 
the people, that set 
before every man in 
your works.”

 Jesus said, “Thou shalt 
keep what thou hast 
received, neither adding 
thereto nor taking away 

 Jesus said, “A share 
is allotted to all by 
the Father, according 
as each person is or 
shall be worthy.”

 Jesus said, “Be 
ye subject unto 
kings and 

Jesus said, “The 
labourer is worthy of 
his hire, and sufficient 
unto him that 
laboureth is his food.”

 Jesus said, “If any one 
doth not work, let not 
such an one eat. For 
the Lord our God 
hateth the slothful.”

 “The Lord said unto the apostles: 
Should, then, any one of Israel be 
willing to repent, so as to believe 
upon God through my name, his 
sins shall be forgiven him. After 
twelve years, go out into the 
world, lest anyone say, “We did 
not hear.”

“The disciples thus 
spake unto Jesus: Thou 
art a key to every man, 
and the one who 
shutteth to every man.”

Jesus said, “How cometh it, that 
while so many go about the well, 
no one goeth down into it? . . . 
Why art thou afraid when thou 
hast gone so far on the way? 
Thou art mistaken; for I lack 
neither courage nor weapons.”

 Jesus said, “He that 
wondereth shall reign; 
and he that reigneth 
shall rest. Look with 
wonder at that which is 
before you.”

 Jesus said, “A prophet is 
not acceptable in his own 
country, neither doth a 
physician work cures 
upon them that know 

 Jesus said, “But 
where the pains are, 
thither hasteneth the 

Jesus said, “I came not to call 
the righteous, but sinners to 
repentance. For the heavenly 
Father desireth rather the 
repentance than the 
punishment of the sinner.”

“Zaccheus, according to others, Matthias, 
chief of the tax-collectors, when he heard 
how the Lord wished to come to him, 
said, “Behold, Lord, the half of my goods 
I give to the poor; and if I have taken 
from any man by false accusation, I 
restore him fourfold.” Of him said the 
Lord: “The son of man came today and 
found that which was lost.”

 Jesus said, 
“Behold, I will 
make the last 
like the first.”

 Jesus said, “My friend, I 
do thee no wrong; thou 
hast received thine own 
in thy lifetime, take now 
what is thine, and 

 Jesus said, “For 
the Father willeth 
that to all should be 
given of His gifts.”

 Jesus said, 
“From above, I 
am about to be 

 Jesus said, “For those 
that are sick, I was sick, 
and for those that hunger, 
I suffered hunger, and for 
those that thirst, I 
suffered thirst.”

Jesus said, “The 
weak through 
the strong shall 
be saved.”

Jesus said, “Be 
saved, thou 
and thy soul.”

Jesus said, “Awake, 
thou that sleepest, 
and arise from the 
dead, and Christ 
shall give thee light.”

Jesus said, “In 
whatsoever I may 
find you; in this also 
will I judge you.”

Jesus said, 
“Such as I may 
find thee, I will 
judge thee.”

Jesus said, “The Lord 
knoweth them that 
are His, both those 
that are near and 
those that are far off.”

Jesus said, “My mystery 
is for me and for the sons 
of my house. Keep the 
mystery for me and for 
the sons of my house.”

Jesus said, “For my brethren and 
fellow-heirs are those who do the 
will of my Father. And call no 
man your father upon earth; for 
there are many masters upon 
earth, but in heaven is the Father 
from whom is all the family in 
heaven and earth.”

Jesus said, “Our 
dwelling place is 
in heaven.”

Jesus said, “For 
the fashion of 
this world 
passeth away.”

Jesus said, “The 
world shall be 
built up through 

Jesus said, “Buy for 
yourselves, O children of 
Adam, through these 
transitory things, which are 
not yours, that which is 
yours, and which passeth not 

Jesus said, “Why 
marvel ye at the signs? 
I give unto you a great 
inheritance, which the 
whole world hath not.”

 Jesus said, 
“Show yourselves 
tried money-

Jesus said, “It is thine, O man, 
to prove my words, as silver 
and money are proved among 
the exchangers. Care for those 
things which are necessary for 
the body, and be anxious about 
nothing further save virtue.”

Jesus said, “Those who 
wish to see me, and to 
lay hold upon my 
kingdom, must receive 
me through tribulation 
and suffering.”

Jesus said, “Blessed are they 
who are persecuted by 
righteousness; for they shall be 
perfect. And blessed are they 
who are persecuted for my sake; 
for they shall have a place where 
they shall not be persecuted.”

Jesus said, “Watch 
ye, praying without 
ceasing, to escape 
from affliction.”

Jesus said, “Be ye 
watchful, circumspect, 
and well-instructed, 
since the ancient enemy 
goeth about attacking 
the servants of God.”

Jesus said, “The 
tempter is the 
wicked one.”

Jesus said, 
“Give no pretext 
to the evil one.”

 Jesus said, “If ye 
resist the devil, he 
will be conquered, 
and flee from you in 

Jesus said, “Blessed is the 
man that endureth 
temptation; for when he is 
tried, he shall receive the 
crown of life, which the Lord 
hath promised to them that 
love Him.”

Jesus said, “A man that 
is a reprobate is not 
tried by God. A man 
who is not tempted is 
not approved.”

 Jesus said, “He that is 
lawless, let him be 
lawless still; and he 
that is righteous, let 
him be righteous still.”

Jesus said, “There is a 
shame which leadeth 
unto death, and there 
is a shame which 
leadeth unto life.”

Jesus said, “Ye shall be as 
lambs in the midst of wolves. 
And Peter answered, and 
said unto him, “What, then, 
if the wolves shall tear in 
pieces the lambs?”…

… Jesus said unto Peter, “The lambs 
have no cause, after they are dead, to 
fear the wolves; and in like manner, 
fear ye not them that kill you, and 
can do nothing more unto you; but 
fear Him who, after ye are dead, 
hath power over both soul and body, 
to cast them into hell fire.”

 Jesus said, 
“Pray ye, and 
faint not.”

Jesus said, “Ask great 
things, and the small 
shall be added unto you; 
and ask heavenly things, 
and the earthly shall be 
added unto you.”

Jesus said, “If ye keep not 
that which is small, who will 
give you that which is great? 
For I say unto you, that he 
that is faithful in very little 
is faithful also in much.”

Jesus said, “Let 
my name be 
hallowed in 
your hearts.”

Jesus said, “First must the one 
who prayeth, who offereth his 
prayer, well consider his gift to 
see whether there be any spot 
found in it; and then shall he 
offer it, that his offering 
remain not upon the earth.”

Jesus said, “Let 
the Holy Spirit 
come upon us 
and cleanse us.”

Jesus said, “Those 
who walk in the 
Spirit of God are 
the sons of God.”

Jesus said, “Grieve not 
the Holy Spirit which is 
in you, and extinguish 
not the light which 
shineth within you.”

Jesus said, “Just now, 
my mother, the Holy 
Spirit, took me by one of 
my hairs, and bare me 
away to the great 
mountain Tabor.”

Jesus said, “The 
spirit that dwelleth 
in us lusteth to envy; 
but He giveth more 

Jesus said, “God 
resisteth the proud, 
but giveth grace 
unto the humble.”

Jesus said, “The Lord 
said to Peter: Verily 
thine eye shall never be 
closed in eternity for 
the light of this world.”

Jesus said, “Doubt not, 
that ye sink not into the 
world, as Simon when 
he doubted and began 
to sink into the sea.”

Jesus said, “He that 
ploweth, should plow in 
hope; and he that 
thresheth in hope should 
be partaker of his hope.”

 Jesus said, “Cultivate 
faith and hope through 
which is begotten the 
love of God and of man, 
that gaineth everlasting 

Jesus said, “Charity 
covereth a multitude of 
sins. Love beareth all 
things, is long-
suffering in all things.”

Jesus said, “He to 
whom more is 
forgiven, loveth more; 
and he to whom less is 
forgiven, loveth little.”

Jesus said, “Be ye merciful, 
that ye may obtain mercy. 
Forgive, that it may be 
forgiven to you. As ye do, so 
shall it be done unto you. As 
ye give, so shall it be given 
unto you…

...As ye judge, so shall ye be 
judged. As ye are kind, so 
shall kindness be shown unto 
you. With what measure ye 
mete, with the same it shall 
be measured unto you.”

Jesus said, “Good things 
must needs come, but blessed 
is he through whom they 
come. Likewise, evil things 
also shall come, but woe to 
him through whom they 

Jesus said, “Men 
must give an account 
of every good word 
which they shall not 

Jesus said, “No one 
shall be called good 
who mixeth evil 
with the good.”

Jesus said, “He 
keepeth the good 
which he hath, and 
increaseth more and 

Jesus said, “Gall 
doth not mix 
well with 

Jesus said, “If 
concupiscence or malice 
shall ascend into the 
heart of man, it shall be 
taken for the deed 

Jesus said, “Let thy 
works shine, and, 
behold, a man and his 
works are before His 
face. For, behold God 
and His works.”

Jesus said, “A city 
built upon the top of a 
high hill, and 
stablished, can neither 
fall nor be hid.”

Jesus said, “All things 
whatsoever ye would not 
that a man should do unto 
you, do ye not unto another. 
And what thou hatest, thou 
shalt not do unto another.”

Jesus said, “Be ye 
angry, and sin not; 
let not the sun go 
down upon your 

Jesus said, “Anger 
destroyeth even the 
prudent. Render not evil 
for evil, or railing for 
railing, or blow for blow, 
or cursing for cursing.”

Jesus said, “Pray for 
your enemies, and 
blessed are those who 
mourn on account of the 
destruction of the 

Jesus said, “Amongst 
the greatest 
offenders is he who 
woundeth the spirit 
of his brother.”

 Jesus said, “Never 
be joyful except 
when ye shall look 
upon your brother 
in love.”

Jesus said, “As one 
of you seeth himself 
in the water or in a 
glass, so see ye me in 

Jesus said, 
“Having seen thy 
brother, thou hast 
seen thy God.”

Jesus said, “I am thou, and thou, 
I. And wheresoever thou art, 
there am I also; and I am in all 
scattered. And whence thou wilt, 
thou canst gather me together; 
but when thou gatherest me 
together, thou gatherest thyself 

Jesus said, “Where one 
is, there am I also. And 
where two are, there 
also will I be, and 
when we are three.”

Jesus said, “Be ye 
joined unto the saints, 
because they that are 
joined unto them 
shall be sanctified.”

Jesus said, “He that 
seeketh me shall find me in 
children after the seventh 
year. For there, to become 
hidden in the fourteenth 
year, I am manifested.”

Jesus said, “The 
just shall fall 
seven times and 
shall rise again.”

Jesus said, “If thy 
brother sin against thee 
by a word, and giveth 
thee reparation, thou 
shalt seven times in a 
day accept him.”…

…Then said Simon his disciple to 
him, “Seven times?” The Lord 
answered, and said unto him: 
“Yea, I say unto thee, until 
seventy times seven. For even in 
the prophets, after they were 
anointed with the Holy Spirit, 
there is found a word of sin.”

Jesus said, “If the neighbour of an 
elect man sin, the elect man hath 
sinned. For had he conducted 
himself as the word prescribed, 
his neighbor also would have been 
filled with such reverence for the 
life he led as not to sin.”

Jesus said, “Whatsoever brother 
liveth in the manner of the 
aliens, and alloweth things like 
unto their deeds, refrain from 
being in his company, which, 
unless thou doest, thou also wilt 
be a partaker with him.”

Jesus said, “It is 
good to give 
rather than to 

 Jesus said, “Let 
thine alms sweat in 
thy hands, until thou 
know to whom thou 
shouldest give.”

 Jesus said, “Accept 
not anything from 
any man, and 
possess not anything 
in this world.”

Jesus said, “Woe unto those 
who have, and in hypocrisy 
receive, or who, being 
themselves able to help, receive 
from others. For each one shall 
give an account to the Lord 
God at the day of judgment.”

Another rich man said to him, “Master, 
what good thing shall I do to live?” He 
said unto him: “Fulfil the law and the 
prophets. He answered him, “I have 
fulfilled them.” He said unto him: “Go, 
sell all that thou hast, and distribute to 
the poor, and come follow me.” But the 
rich man began to scratch his head, and 
it pleased him not…

…And the Lord said unto him: “How 
sayest thou, “I have fulfilled the law 
and the prophets,” since it is written in 
the law, “Thou shall love thy neighbour 
as thyself,” and lo, many of thy 
brethren sons of Abraham, are clothed 
in filth, dying of hunger, an thy house is 
full of many goods, and nothing at all 
goeth out of it to them”…

…And he turned, and said to 
Simon disciple, who was 
sitting by him: Simon, son of 
Jonas, it is easier for a camel 
to enter the eye of a needle, 
than for a rich man to enter 
into the kingdom of heaven.”

Jesus said unto Cephas: “What thinkest 
thou, Simon? The kings of the earth, from 
whom do they receive custom and tribute? 
From their sons, or from strangers?” 
Simon said unto him, “From strangers.” 
Jesus said unto him: “Children, then, are 
free?” Simon said unto him, “Yea.” Jesus 
said unto him: “Give thou also unto them, 
like the stranger.”

Jesus said, “Woe unto 
those who do anything 
through their own 
presumption, and not 
through God.”

Jesus said, “Woe 
unto those who join 
together their 
offences as with a 
long rope.”

Jesus said, “These 
are they that stretch 
the warps and 
weave nothing.”

Jesus said, “A man had three 
servants; one who consumed his 
substance with harlots and flute-
players; another who increased it; 
and another who hid the talent. 
Afterwards, one was accepted, one 
was blamed alone, and another 
was shut up in prison.”

“Christ bade men to abandon and 
disregard [curious questions], which 
cause much strife, and not to waste 
their thoughts upon things which 
have been removed far from their 
knowledge; but as much as possible 
to seek the Lord of the universe with 
the whole mind and spirit.”

Christ said: 
“Wisdom killeth 
her own 

Jesus said, 
sendeth forth her 
own children.”

Jesus said, “God 
made the heaven 
and the earth and all 
things which are 

Jesus said, “The soul is altogether 
impenetrable and hard to make 
out. For it abideth not always in 
the same form or shape, or in one 
condition, so that any one might 
express it by a type, or might lay 
hold upon its essence.”

The Lord revealed unto Philip what 
the soul must say when it ascendeth 
to heaven, and what it must answer to 
each of the powers above. Namely, “I 
have known myself, and have 
gathered myself together everywhere, 
and have not begotten children for 
the prince [of this world,] …

…but have extirpated his roots, and 
have gathered together the scattered 
members, and know who thou art. 
For I am one of those above.” And if 
it so speaketh, it is absolved. But if it 
is convicted that it hath borne a son, 
it is kept below, until it can take its 
children up and draw them to itself.”

Salome said, “Until when shall death have 
dominion?” He said: “As long as ye 
women bring forth. For I came to destroy 
the works of the woman, namely, of lust; 
of the works, namely, of birth and of 
destruction.” And she said, “I did well, 
then, in not bringing forth.” The Lord 
answered, saying: “Eat every herb, but of 
that which hath bitterness, eat not….

…And Salome, inquiring concerning 
when the things in regard to which he 
spake should be known, and when his 
kingdom should come, the Lord said: 
When ye shall trample underfoot the 
garment of modesty . . . when the two 
shall be one, and that which is without as 
that which is within, and the male with 
the female neither male nor female.”

Jesus said, “If ye do not make what is 
on the right to be left, and the left 
right, and what is above to be below, 
and what is before to be behind, ye 
shall not perceive the kingdom of God. 
If ye do not make your low things 
high, and your crooked things 
straight, ye shall not enter into my 

Jesus said, “Let not the one 
who is married put away [his 
wife], and he who is 
unmarried, let him not marry. 
Let him who for the sake of 
chastity hath agreed not to 
marry, remain unmarried.”

 Jesus said, “Let 
the women be 
subject unto their 
own husbands.”

Jesus said, “The 
son and 
daughter shall 
inherit alike.”

Jesus said, “Even if a 
woman doth all that is 
right, and yet once 
committeth the sin of 
adultery, she must be 

Jesus said, “Keep 
the flesh holy and 
the seal unspotted, 
that ye may receive 
eternal life.”

Jesus said, “Preserve ye the flesh, 
that ye may become partakers of 
the spirit. The flesh must be 
contended with, be evil entreated, 
and its unbridled lust in no way 
be yielded to; but the soul must be 
made to grow through faith and 

Jesus said, “Should any one for this 
reason kiss [a woman] a second time, 
because she pleased him, [he committeth 
sin]. Men must therefore act thus with 
extreme caution in the kiss [of peace], 
(or rather the salutation), as knowing 
that, if per chance it should be sullied by 
thought, it would place them out of the 
pale of eternal life.”

Jesus said, “If any one 
shall leave all things for 
my name’s sake, at the 
second coming he shall 
inherit everlasting life.”

Jesus said, “Many shall come in 
my name, clothed outwardly in 
sheep s clothing, but inwardly 
they are ravening wolves. And 
there shall be schisms and 
heresies. Many false Christs and 
false apostles shall arise and shall 
deceive many of the faithful.”

Jesus said, “They are false Christs 
and false teachers, who have 
blasphemed the Spirit of grace, and 
done despite to the gift they had 
from Him, after the grace [of 
baptism], to whom forgiveness shall 
not be granted, neither in this world 
nor in that which is to come.”

 Jesus said, “A false prophet must 
first come from some deceiver; 
and then in like manner, after the 
removal of the holy place, the true 
Gospel must be secretly sent 
abroad for the rectification of the 
heresies that shall be. …

… And then, toward the end, shall 
appear the world-deceiver as Son of 
God, and shall do signs and wonders; 
and the earth shall be delivered into his 
hands, and he shall do iniquitous things 
which have never yet come to pass since 
the beginning; and after this, the 
eternal light having sprung up, all the 
things of darkness must disappear.”

 Jesus said, “Behold, I 
come as a thief. Blessed 
is he that watcheth, and 
keepeth his garments, 
lest he walk naked, and 
they see his shame.”

 Jesus said, 
“What I say 
unto one of you, 
I say unto all.”

 Jesus said, “Then shall the wicked go 
away into everlasting punishment, 
but the righteous shall go into life 
eternal, to inherit those things which 
eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor 
have entered into the heart of man, 
such things as God hath prepared for 
them that love Him.”

Jesus said, “Good 
things are prepared 
which the angels 
desire to look into.”

 Jesus said, “Often 
did I desire to hear 
one of these words, 
and I had not one to 
tell me.”

 Jesus said, “The days will come in which vines 
shall grow, having each ten thousand branches, 
and in each branch ten thousand twigs, and in 
each true twig ten thousand shoots, and in every 
one of the shoots ten thousand clusters, and on 
every one of the clusters ten thousand grapes, 
and every grape when pressed will give five and 
twenty metretes of wine. And when any one of 
the saints shall lay hold of a cluster, another 
shall cry out, “I am a better cluster, take me; 
bless the Lord through me.”...

… In like manner, a grain of wheat shall 
produce ten thousand ears, and every ear 
shall have ten thousand grains, and every 
grain shall yield ten pounds of clear, pure, 
fine flour; and apples, and seeds, and grass 
shall produce in similar proportions; and all 
animals, feeding then only on the productions 
of the earth, shall be come peaceable and 
harmonious, and be in perfect subjection to 
man. ...

… And Judas the traitor, not believing, 
and asking, “How shall such growths be 
accomplished by the Lord?” the Lord said: 
They shall see who shall come to them. 
These, then, are the times mentioned by 
the prophet Isaiah, “And the wolf also shall 
dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall 
lie down with the kid; and the calf, and the 
young lion, and the fatling together, and a 
little child shall lead them.”

 Jesus said, “By way 
of reproach, he said 
to Jerusalem: Sodom 
is justified of thee.”

 Jesus said, “O 
Father, let their 
temple be 

 Jesus said, “The Gentiles are 
justified more than ye. Many 
shall come from the east, and 
from the west, the north, and 
the south, and shall recline on 
the bosoms of Abraham, and 
Isaac, and Jacob.”

 Jesus said, “Prophesying concerning the 
temple, he said: See ye these buildings? 
Verily, I say unto you, there shall not be 
left here one stone upon another which 
shall not be taken away; and this 
generation shall not pass until the 
destruction begin. For they shall come 
and shall sit here, and shall besiege it, 
and shall slay your children here.”

 Jesus said, “I will 
cleanse the house of 
my kingdom from 
every stumbling 

 Jesus said, “Whoso reedeemeth 
souls from idols, he shall be great 
in my kingdom. Of the hire of an 
harlot hath she gathered them, 
and to the hire of an harlot shall 
they return; from filth it came, to 
the place of filth shall it go.”

 Jesus said, “Be ye 
valiant in war, and fight 
with the ancient enemy, 
and ye shall receive the 
everlasting kingdom.”

 Jesus said, “Neither did he 
sin at all, nor his parents, 
but that the power of God 
might be made manifest 
through him in healing the 
sins of ignorance.”

 Jesus said, “To his 
chosen, he saith: Go 
ye out of the house 
of my Father.”

 Jesus said, “Let 
us resist all 
iniquity and hold 
it in hatred.”

 “The Saviour 
himself testified that 
Solomon was wiser 
than all who came 

 Jesus said, 
“Few things are 
needful, or just 

 Jesus said, “Blessed 
is he who also fasts 
for this, that he 
might feed the 

 Jesus said, “Honour 
the demons, not that 
ye may be assisted by 
them, but that they 
may not injure you.”

 Jesus said, “The 
Father begat me, he 
said, and I came forth 
from the Father, and 
am here.”

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