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Jesus spoke in Parables, but it was more than just a parable He was speaking. It was a Language... a Parabolic Language and all the Writers of the Canon, Lost Prophets (Books), Book of Enoch, Gospel of Thomas the Apocrypha along with others... All spoke this same Language. Know the Language then you will see & know what is or what is not inspired. ... We at help others to recognize His Language, His Parabolic Language...   His Voice. (Those who hear My voice will follow no other.)          Thank You and Enjoy the website..!!

Bible History and it's language
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1611 APOCRYPHA 2nd Esdras
In 47 Other Languages In .PDF - Translated By Microsoft Translator & Word

Microsoft Translator nor I are 100% proof on Translations...
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Afrikaan   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Greek ΑΠΌΚΡΥΦΑ   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Portuguese
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Arabic أبوكريفا   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Hebrew הספרים החיצוניים   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Romanian
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Bosnian Latin APOKRIFI   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Hindi   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Russian
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Bulgarian АПОКРИФИ   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Hungarian APOKRIF IRATOK   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Serbian Cyrillic
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Catalan LLIBRES APÒCRIFS   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Indonesian   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Serbian Latin
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Chinese PRC 伪经   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Italian Italy APOCRIFI   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Slovak
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Chinese Taiwan 偽經   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Japanese 外典   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Slovenian
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Croatian APOKRIFI   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Kiswahili APOKRIFA   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Spanish Spain
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Czech APOKRYFY   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Korean 외경   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Swedish
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Danish APOKRYFE SKRIFTER   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Latvian   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Thai ????????
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Dutch Netherlands APOCRIEFEN   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Lithuanian APOKRIFAS   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Turkish
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Estonian   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Malay Malaysia   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Ukrainian
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Filipino APOCRIPA   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Maltese   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Urdu
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Finnish APOKRYFISET KIRJAT   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Norwegian Bokmal   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Vietnamese
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in French France   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Persian   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Welsh
  Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in German APOKRYPHEN   Apocrypha 2nd Esdras in Polish I will contiue working on getting these languages better and more readable.
Uploaded on Jan 19, 2010         2nd Esdras of the Apocrypha

      Esdras (ez'dr?s) [Gr. from Heb. Ezra], name of several books found in the Old Testament Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha. The New Revised Standard Version (following the Authorized Version) maintains the titles Ezra and Nehemiah for the books to which the Vulgate gives the titles First and Second Esdras respectively. The Septuagint gives the title Second Esdras to a work in which both books are combined. In the Hebrew Bible, Ezra and Nehemiah are also a combined work.
The New Revised Standard Version's and Septuagint's First Esdras compile the whole of Ezra, sections of Second Chronicles and Nehemiah, and a story about Darius the Persian's bodyguards. In the Vulgate this work is entitled Third Esdras. The work known as Second Esdras in the Apocrypha of the Authorized Version and New Revised Standard Version is given the title Fourth Esdras (=Fourth Ezra) in the Vulgate. Part of this work is a Jewish apocalypse extant in Latin; other parts are Christian additions. Many consider it the most theologically perceptive of the Jewish apocalypses. The original language was probably Hebrew or Aramaic, from which a Greek translation was made; however, none of these versions exist. The work, which most critics date after A.D. 100, is a response to the destruction (A.D. 70) of Jerusalem.

You can find the rest on Robert Ferrell YouTube Channel.
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