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In 47 Other Languages In .PDF - Translated By Microsoft Translator & Word

Microsoft Translator nor I are 100% proof on Translations...

  Apocrypha BARUCH in Afrikaan   Apocrypha BARUCH in Greek ΑΠΌΚΡΥΦΑ   Apocrypha BARUCH in Portuguese
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Arabic أبوكريفا   Apocrypha BARUCH in Hebrew הספרים החיצוניים   Apocrypha BARUCH in Romanian
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Bosnian Latin APOKRIFI   Apocrypha BARUCH in Hindi   Apocrypha BARUCH in Russian
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Bulgarian АПОКРИФИ   Apocrypha BARUCH in Hungarian APOKRIF IRATOK   Apocrypha BARUCH in Serbian Cyrillic
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Catalan LLIBRES APÒCRIFS   Apocrypha BARUCH in Indonesian   Apocrypha BARUCH in Serbian Latin
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Chinese PRC 伪经   Apocrypha BARUCH in Italian Italy APOCRIFI   Apocrypha BARUCH in Slovak
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Chinese Taiwan 偽經   Apocrypha BARUCH in Japanese 外典   Apocrypha BARUCH in Slovenian
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Croatian APOKRIFI   Apocrypha BARUCH in Kiswahili APOKRIFA   Apocrypha BARUCH in Spanish Spain
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Czech APOKRYFY   Apocrypha BARUCH in Korean 외경   Apocrypha BARUCH in Swedish
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Danish APOKRYFE SKRIFTER   Apocrypha BARUCH in Latvian   Apocrypha BARUCH in Thai ????????
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Dutch Netherlands APOCRIEFEN   Apocrypha BARUCH in Lithuanian APOKRIFAS   Apocrypha BARUCH in Turkish
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Estonian   Apocrypha BARUCH in Malay Malaysia   Apocrypha BARUCH in Ukrainian
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Filipino APOCRIPA   Apocrypha BARUCH in Maltese   Apocrypha BARUCH in Urdu
  Apocrypha BARUCH in Finnish APOKRYFISET KIRJAT   Apocrypha BARUCH in Norwegian Bokmal   Apocrypha BARUCH in Vietnamese
  Apocrypha BARUCH in French France   Apocrypha BARUCH in Persian   Apocrypha BARUCH in Welsh
  Apocrypha BARUCH in German APOKRYPHEN   Apocrypha BARUCH in Polish I will contiue working on getting these languages better and more readable.
Uploaded on Oct 28, 2009

NOTE: These are recordings that I made for myself many, many years ago. In most instances, they are first time run throughs, which I made in the odd moments that I could get to them. I had a crude stereo with a condenser mic set up in a spare room where I could add a few minutes here, a half-hour there and so on, so sometimes Im tired, sometimes exhausted, sometimes fresh and sometimes not. You get the picture. I was simply eager to learn what all these books had to say. They soon became my whole world, and I realized my calling. For the most part, they are still not available in audio format, so I thought Id share what I had with those who are eager to learn. If you immerse yourselves in these things, you will gain a much broader and deeper understanding of the Word, and come to appreciate just HOW MUCH these books are referred in the Bible. 

Tanakh: (Books common to all Christian and Judaic canons) Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy Joshua Judges Ruth 1 & 2 Samuel 1 & 2 Kings 1 & 2 Chronicles Ezra (Esdras) Nehemiah Esther Job Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Songs Isaiah Jeremiah Lamentations Ezekiel Daniel Minor prophets. Deuterocanon: Tobit Judith 1 & 2Maccabees Wisdom (of Solomon) Sirach Baruch Letter of Jeremiah Additions to Daniel Additions to Esther.

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