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Jesus spoke in Parables, but it was more than just a parable He was speaking. It was a Language... a Parabolic Language and all the Writers of the Canon, Lost Prophets (Books), Book of Enoch, Gospel of Thomas the Apocrypha along with others... All spoke this same Language. Know the Language then you will see & know what is or what is not inspired. ... We at help others to recognize His Language, His Parabolic Language...   His Voice. (Those who hear My voice will follow no other.)          Thank You and Enjoy the website..!!

Bible History and it's language
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May 2017 be our greatest year ever as we grow in the parabolic word of knowledge and find more Keys for understanding...
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 HOME  |  Multi-Media (videos)  |  Free MP3's  |  Free PDF's  |  Book Store  |  About Robert  |  Testimonials  |  FAQ's  |  Contact 
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